Workflow for Enterprise Security (WES)

Workflow for Enterprise Security

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Decrease time to analyze, track, and remediate IT compliance and vulnerability scan output

Automate the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) of manual process

Provide analytics to show velocity and efficiency


ACAS / Nessus or another scanner

NIST National Vulnerabilities Database

Amazon Web Services S3, Lambda

JIRA or other workflow management software


Open architecture: cloud or hosted solution; standard interfaces

Scalable to support complex IT architectures with thousands of nodes

Resilient, reliable, and highly available services

Web based Visualization and Knowledge Management

Real-time task management, remediation, mitigation: action, status, tracking, & reporting


Reduces time to extract, analyze, and validate your scanner results – from days to seconds

Strengthens security posture of your Enterprise IT assets

Improves accuracy and timeliness of your key performance metrics

Improves efficiency, visibility, & collaboration across your organization