Cyber Security

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Deliberate and Measured Mitigation of Risks, Threats, and Incidents

Features & Benefits

Active Defense

Continuous aggressive and meticulous approaches deployed to protect your intellectual property, capital and operation assets

Assessment & Authorization

Accomplish Risk Management Framework (RMF) Processes 1-6


Evaluate and report on current FISMA, ICD 503, CNSSI 1253, Intelligence Overlay Controls, DOD 8510 compliance; provide recommendations and execute

Network & Security Architectural Assessment

Revitalize, Re-Engineer, and Secure your Information Systems Security Architecture

Risk & Vulnerability Analysis

Perform comprehensive reviews, document and describe your environment with a focus on identifying weaknesses, provide countermeasure recommendations and execute customer selected employment solutions

Threat Modeling

Outline threats to the organization, recommend countermeasures to reduce risks, execute selected remediations and/or mitigations


Network/Security Monitoring: HP, Solar Winds, Arcsight, Snort

Vulnerability Scanners: ACAS, Retina, NESSUS, etc.

Certification & Accreditation: NIST, NSA, XACTA, RMF

Other: Kali 2.0, Black Archer, EnCase, FTK, Cross Domain Solutions